Installing HP Proliant Support Pack (PSP) on Ubuntu 12.04

Installing HP Proliant Support Pack (PSP) on Ubuntu 12.04

It took me a while to find the PSP for Ubuntu. It turns out that HP have renamed the old Proliant Support Pack to Management Component Pack.

We use HP ProLiant servers and want to monitor the raid without using HP Insight software. You can either download the .deb files from the HP website:

However, it is much more convient to add the HP Repository. Add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb precise/current non-free

Download and add the repo keys to the system. Note: This key might be capitalised or not:

apt-key add GPG-KEY-mcp


apt-key add GPG-KEY-MCP

Update apt-get:

apt-get update

If you want to monitor raid array then install hpacucli

apt-get install hpacucli

A basic report showing the status of your raid arrays is:

hpacucli ctrl all show config

Debian packages included (apt-cache search hp | grep ^hp):

hpsmh – HP System Management Homepage
hp-snmp-agents – Insight Management SNMP Agents for HP ProLiant Systems
hp-smh-templates – HP System Management Homepage Templates
hponcfg – RILOE II/iLo online configuration utility
hp-health – hp System Health Application and Command line Utility Package
hpacucli – HP Command Line Array Configuration Utility
hp-ams – Agentless Monitoring Service for HP ProLiant Gen8 Systems